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more of Liz's family

Liz waddled her heavily pregnant self outside to yell at Mary for being brought home by the police.
Quite frankly, she's terrifying.

Eric has been slacking in his reports for work, so I sent him to the library to question innocent bystanders.
This girl wouldn't answer questions, so he tutored her instead.
Man, Eric, that's just a little shady.

Finally, he gets this guy to answer some questions.

The girls brought boys home from school, only to abandon them as soon as their carpools showed up for work.
Here we have Wannabe-Ghetto Boy.

And... is this guy really in high school?

Oh, neurotic sims.
Liz got lifetime aspiration points for brushing her teeth ... twice.

She's still upset about whatshisface dying at her fundraiser.
Yes, Christy, your mother is a little special.

Hey look, it's baby Leonard!

And... surprise! Baby Mike!

As if Eric didn't seem lecherous enough, now he's helping a baffled Mary do her homework...
in her underwear.

I don't think Eric's genius trait helped any of these girls in the brain department.

Christy went home with a friend after school.
Said friend lives in a trailer, which is kind of awesome.
It'd be more awesome if there were tornadoes...

Her father looks confused, but I doubt it's for the same reason that I do.

You see, I'm just trying to figure out why there's only a crib and a double-bed in this trailer.
The fathers in this game are starting to really creep me out.

But now I see that apparently her father sleeps with his mother,
and the crib is meant for the teenage daughter. Yes, yes, this all makes sense now.

Maybe putting the crib in the grumpy daughter's room wasn't such a good idea.

Oh look, birthday time for Eric!

Yeah, not looking so excited anymore, now, are you?

Christy doesn't look like she really appreciates Liz's help.

Maturity. Liz has it.

The twins decide this is the best way to spend their birthday party, as well.

And who is this not-so-dashing young gentleman who has come to their party?
Apparently, it's Arthur Morales... the triplets grew up when I wasn't looking!

Um, Arthur? That fiiiiine young woman you're pointing at...
is your cousin.


More sparkles!

Lana, all grown up.
She wants to reach the top of the cooking career.

Mary wants to be a best-selling author.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot there were babies here as well.

...and Leonard.
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