Jacqui (3valve) wrote in jacq_n_liz_sims,

just a few more Sims 3 pictures

Work is keeping me from more important things, like the Sims 3... but I did manage to play for a little while the other day, and have a few pictures

First of all... I found polarlucky and her family!
They've moved into an adorable little home a few blocks away... which I'm pretty sure they couldn't afford. Oh well, at least I know where they are, now!

It's possible I should have kept them around a little longer...
For those who aren't familiar with the Sims 3, that basket means triplets. Three boys.

My self-sim might be going a little crazy. I really can't blame her.

Two of the boys, Arthur and Daniel.
Don't ask me which is which - the game seemed to think it was funny to dress them identically as long as they looked alike.

Miles' accusing stare seems to say, "I hear dead people".
Or maybe that's Miles from LOST...
Perhaps I should have reconsidered his name. >.>

Teaching skills is serious. business.
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