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Sims 3 picspam

I've been playing the Sims3 all weekend, and now that I'm getting the hang of it, it's a lot of fun.

Of course, I'm loving the new create-a-style features... and promptly made a perfectly neutral house with them. HAHA. Only me, right?

Don't mind Eric, who promptly sat in my picture, there.

My self-sim in her bedroom. I have a bit of an obsession for chocolate brown & teal (seriously, my whole apartment is decorated in those colours), so I thought I'd just go with it.

polarlucky's self-sim... as my mom put it, "It looks like she's using a Dell."
Since Liz has recently switched to Mac, I'm sure she'd agree. ;)

Liz's bedroom.

That's all the house pictures I took... there are two more bedrooms for a set of twin guys, Eric and Ryan Morales; and the upstairs is sort of a party/hobby loft.

Skinny Eric Morales looks quite cute in his uniform. He's making his way quite quickly up the CSI track, and keeps getting offers to switch into other careers at the military base and the hospital.

I get to wear scrubs! They're cute, and it mostly makes up for how slowly I'm advancing up that career track; and that I'm on call every night and never get any sleep.

Ryan Morales isn't quite the go-getter his twin brother is, so it took him a bit longer to get into uniform. Now he's working towards becoming a secret agent.
Morales. Ryan Morales.

This is what a relationship between two A-type personalities looks like.
Hero complex, much?

Liz and Eric had two twin girls, Mary (black hair) and Lana (brown hair). They hired a babysitter when they went to work, and said failsitter simply covered her ears and screamed back every time the girls cried. D:

"Jacqui can't sleep when Lana is crying" ... why the hell not? They're not my kids, and their parents aren't on call!

Their parents also don't seem to mind that the girls' aunt and uncle keep passing out while taking care of them, and they get a full night's sleep in the room right next door.

Lana hiding in the toybox.

Liz reading to Mary.

Mary actually learned all her skills from her Uncle Ryan.

Birthday parties attract pedophiles. Remember that, kids.

Mary as a child.

Lana as a child.

Shortly after the girls grew up, I kicked them out of the house (I was pregnant, and there wasn't any room left in that household!). Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be a "suitable" house in the neighborhood for them to go to, so Liz and her family seem to have vanished. Oops! I can still call them on the phone, though, so I know they're floating around somewhere.... hopefully they're not homeless and living in the park, especially since they have another newborn daughter, Christy.

Oh yeah, the four young adult sims I started with are uploaded! My Sims3 page is here... when you click on the Sim, it tells you their traits and everything. :)
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