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Epic Sims2 Project

Hello everyone still watching this community. So sorry for the lack of posts, as you might have guessed, there have been game failures like crazy and neither Liz or I still have the families we were posting. In my case, every Sim who wasn't an elder VANISHED. Turns out to be a Mac file problem, very sad, but I've moved on... to Windows! Oh, the horror, I know; but so far I'm enjoying finally having *all* the EPs and SPs!

I've decided to take on a huge project in the Sims2: making my own University! It goes with an island neighborhood I downloaded the other day (this one, by Phaenoh... look how cute the Katrina Cottages are!), and my goal is sort of a Florida party school look. I spent all day sketching buildings and floor plans in my free time at work; I guess the hard part is just going to be the actual building.

So far, I'm pleased. I also think by the time I finish, the Sims 3 will be out. *facepalm*

P.S. Anyone looking for celebrity Sims, check the user info for download links! There are a few new ones, such as 3/4 members of Franz Ferdinand; Kal Penn from Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle and House, M.D.; and Henry Ian Cusick from LOST. :) I'll try not to let my links break again, but if they do, just let me know in a comment and I'll fix it ASAP.

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