Jacqui (3valve) wrote in jacq_n_liz_sims,

Paua Island : Evans family : 5

Oh look, the Evans family is still overrun by dogs.
More specifically, they're overrun by Spike, who is still picking fights with anything that moves.

Rhys isn't doing so well, either. He snuck out with his girlfriend and got caught.

Oh, you big baby! It's not like you even got in trouble, you live with your sister.

The dogs still own this place.

While browsing Rhys's memories, I found something kind of disturbing...

So I decided it was time to get Mairwen's boyfriend Paul to move in and distract her from her inappropriate relationship with her brother.

Rhys brought Elvis home from school.
Janken is SRS BZNS.

Okay, Rhys, NO. Elvis is a) straight, and b) taken. Back off.

Those dogs were OBNOXIOUS. Back to the pound with all of them!
...including the skunk, apparently.

Rhys starts a fire, because that's what this family is good at.

And Mairwen is pregnant! I think she got married at some point before this.

Say, what's going on over here?

Rhys and his girlfriend Natasha grew up!
They make quite a couple.

Rhys's scared look is owing to his worry that it might be his.

But he has nothing to worry about, because it's Paul's.
Meet Bronwyn Bennett.

And Paul starts a fire. Because that's what this family is good at.
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