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More pictures

It seems Javier and Sione have warmed up to each other since the last update. About damn time, too.

So well in fact that they officially go steady. Now let's get to the important part:

Baby making! Pleaaaaase get pregnant.

While tending to her plants (and lookin' foxy after a makeover), Sione starts to show. YES! Ghost baby, here we come!

Wow, I didn't take many pictures outside of the whole pregnancy thing. Oh well. I just love Sione's face here. "SOMETHING REALLY WEIRD IS HAPPENING HAAAAAALP!"

.....That can't be a good idea, being in labor and all.

As Javier ran by that guy, he made a puking sound and ran away. Sheesh, can't a ghost get a little respect, especially when his child his being born?

Wat. How does blue sim + ghost sim = medium skin tone baby? Maybe I never WILL get a ghost baby. D:

I know this isn't much of a story, but I haven't actually decided what I want to do yet. So stay tuned, I'll probably come up with something soon.
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