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The Tylers : Episode 1

Our story begins with a quaint little home with an ocean view.
The view cost more, but the Tylers were willing to sacrifice a few luxuries to enjoy it.

This is Zachary Tyler.
He's a bit of an odd duck... besides being blue, he's also an
Evil, Hydrophobic, Kleptomaniac Computer Whiz... and a Schmoozer.
He aspires to be Emperor of Evil. It's only logical.

This is Zachary's wife, Cassie.
Who knows how a girl like Cassie ended up with a guy like Zach;
she's an Ambitious, Workaholic, Family-Oriented Vegetarian, and a Natural Cook.

Well, actually, we do know how Cassie ended up marrying Zach...
This is their teenage daughter, Emily.
It seems Zachary schmoozed his way right into Cassie's bed when they were still in high school.
Emily is a Flirty, Charismatic Daredevil with a Good Sense of Humour.
She's also quite a looker!

Sadly for Zachary and his grand plans for world domination,
he's still going to have to start at the bottom.
He doesn't look very impressed by the local headquarters for evildoers and petty thieves.

But as soon as he's gotten a job,
he calls up his boss to brag about... getting a job.
Evil, yes. Evil Genius? Not really.

Of course, Cassie wants to take her cooking as far as she can,
so she gets a job at a restaurant...

...and then sits down to read a book about cooking until she's practically starving.
There's some irony there, I'm pretty sure.

Charismatic Emily brushes up on her charisma skills in the middle of a crowded street.
Again, something seems a little fishy about this.

Zachary went on a jog, getting his body in shape
so he can outrun the cops later.

Then he stopped for a chat with his boss about his evil plans
next to this conspicuous firefighter who seems to be waiting for the fountain to spontaneously combust.

Emily tries to impress a passing adult by eating dirt.

Then she chats up Gunther Goth.
Maybe he'd go for the dirt-eating?

Cassie is REALLY EXCITED about work!
She also seems to be confused about what her job actually is...
she'll be disappointed when she finds out all she's doing is washing dishes.

Given that Zachary derives pleasure from seeing other sims suffer,
he'd be my last choice to go to for homework help.

The Tylers are blissfully, painfully boring.
But you know what they say, be careful what you wish for.

Every now and then, Zach just has to let out an evil cackle.
He also takes evil showers, and washes his hands with evil soap.

Emily is a dedicated student,
and does her homework immediately after school.
She must be doing it all wrong, though, because her grades aren't improving.

It looks like Cassie is expecting a new addition to the Tyler family!

[Gratuitous "isn't the moon pretty over that view?" photo.]

The library brings out Zachary's devious side.
I'm sure we can all relate.

Oh! Zachary, do you even know that woman you just attacked??

She looks a bit peeved to have lost that fight.

Here's Emily, dutifully doing her homework with a classmate...

...outside the movie theatre...

...after curfew.

Cassie really lets her have it.
This is really the first time she's shown any emotion, actually.

Since Cassie is a vegetarian, she cooks things like
spaghetti in vegetable sauce.

And being a natural cook means she can
"kick it up a notch".
Cassie: BAM!

Go, my little workaholic sim, go!
Maternity leave means nothing when you're poor!

Oh, my! Baby time!

This beautiful blue baby is Erin Tyler.
She's Clumsy and Good.

Emily's homework choices grow
more and more questionable.

So very, very boring, these Tylers.
be careful what you wish for...

Babies are not for eating, Emily.

Having been roused from her slumber by Erin's screams,
Emily called Michael Bachelor to chat in the bathroom.
Teenagers will do anything for a little privacy, I suppose.

Erin won't be a baby for long, though!
It's time for her birthday party,
which is also an experiment in how many sims
can fit into a teeny tiny home.

She can't seem to decide where to put her hot dogs.
She eventually settled for the floor.

Of course, all these people who showed up for a birthday party
couldn't really care less that one is actually occurring.

Well, that didn't go according to plan.
be careful what you wish for...!

Nobody is really fussed about the fire.
Fires are so yesterday.

If her head rotates 360 degrees,
this birthday party is officially called off.

Oh look, someone has finally noticed the flames!

Ah, yes, now we panic.

Kaylynn Langerak steps in in a daring show of bravery!

Emily: this party is so lame.

Oh, hey, the fire department has finally arrived,
strolling in at a leisurely pace.
Cassie is not impressed by this service.
She also hasn't yet noticed that her baby has the moodlet "On Fire".

Fireman: Ah, yes, a job well done.

Uh oh, Vita Alto is still on fire,
and Kaylynn seems to have grown tired of the heroics.

Which may be because she is also on fire.
But she's also smart enough to run for a shower to put it out.

Fireman: Never fear, I'm here! I'm here!
Yes, please, save us from the smelly birthday cake,
you big, strong fireman, you.

That's not someone you really want to see
outside your kitchen window.

Cassie's not bothered, though.
Zachary is... a bit.

Since Erin hadn't been through enough on her birthday,
what with her birthday cake, her baby blanket,
and Vita Alto bursting into flames...
this punk with the mohawk decided to steal some candy from her.

Nothing says "Happy Birthday!"
quite like scorched floorboards
and somebody's ashes.

Erin Tyler as a toddler.

The Tylers are up for download!
Zachary | Cassie | Emily
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