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Hey guys! Long time, no see. Sorry I haven't been around, posting my Sims 3 stuff yet, but I see that 3valve has been entertaining you with our self sims.

Anyway, here I am with some pictures!

This is Sione Farragutt. She's neurotic, a great kisser, a hopeless romantic, a kleptomaniac (LOL) and lucky. She also likes pop music, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the color yellow. This is her normal face. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen her smile.

I love neurotic sims. She checks the sink nearly three times every day, the oven maybe once and the fireplace a couple times.

While exploring the catacombs in the cemetery, she found a gnome. He started out in the backyard and managed to get inside to watch TV. Creepy gnome.

When I placed her on this lot, it told me it was a burial ground! She has three ghosts sharing the lot with her. This is Cullen Pulliam.

Kristy Begay. I couldn't make that last name up if I tried.

And this is Javier Luna. Ever since I found out that ghost babies were possible, I've been dying to try it out. Well, it looks like Sione and Javier are the perfect guinea pigs. Thankfully, I got the science opportunity to restore a ghost. Now Javier lives with Sione.

Things were going well, minus the fact that Sione had the 'scared' moodlet the whole time they were cuddling.

*sigh* Not going to get any ghost babies this way.

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