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Sims 3 goodness... + a family switch!

Daniel autonomously doing his homework.
Old news, I know, but still exciting!

Arthur and Miles are both artistic.

Ryan went to the library, where we found most of Liz's family...
Poor absent-minded Christy! LOL

Ryan questions Liz for a police report.

Followed by the local Insane Sim.
I'm sure that was an interesting interview.

Shortly afterwards, I switched houses, to see what polarlucky's family was up to.
Apparently, they were... posing in their entryway. Interesting.

Liz headed off to the park to earn some tips.
She's getting pretty good at the guitar, which is necessary for her LTW - Golden tongue, golden fingers.

Oh, Christy. She's grumpy, too.

I gave the girls some much-needed makeovers so they'd stop looking like clones of Liz.

...and Lana.
I still kind of adore that they're both chubby. Christy takes after Eric in that she's a total string bean.

Here go the girls, off to school!

And contributing to Global Warming!
Seriously, did you need to take the bus to get across the street??

Liz threw a fundraising party to advance her political career.
Apparently, my self-sim is pregnant with a computer.
(I would have a kid whose first words were, "Hello, I'm a Mac", so...)

The party is interrupted by some sudden, unexpected ~*SPARKLING*~
and I start to wonder if perhaps my game has been infected with Twilight-y vampires.

Liz, the over-emotional sim that she is, is VERY. UPSET.

One of these guests did not have an invitation.
Yo, Grim Reaper. Can you possibly let that man donate to Liz's fundraiser before he kicks the bucket?

It's Christy's birthday! Yaaaay, PJ party all by herself.

She apparently rolled 'inappropriate', but Liz's daughters have some funky glitch going on where they only have 3 traits showing of the 4 I know they have. :\

Meanwhile, I got a message about the twins' curfews, and went to find out where they were.
Oh, sleeping in an empty warehouse. Awesome.

Lana just looks confused...

Given that her father is a CSI, this is probably his worst nightmare.
However, she soon wakes up and finds her way to a taxi before curfew.

Mary, however, appears to be running from the law.

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