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Wow, more Sims 3 pictures!

I got to play a bit this evening, so here are 15 more pictures, including lots of aging!

It took a lot of sleepless nights and near-starvation, but all three boys learned to walk and talk, and maxed out their skills on the toys.

Ryan fancies himself a gardener.
As you can see from the dead plants, Ryan is a fool.

As a secret agent, Ryan seems to go to work in a different obscure outfit every day...
these sunglasses are by far my favourite. LOL.

There was a birthday party for the triplets, and I thought this was Liz.
Turns out, it was her daughter Lana, who is now a teen!
Her traits are easily impressed, vegetarian and genius. hehehe.

Lana's twin sister, Mary, was also there. She's a clumsy, excitable loner.
I like that Liz's daughters are chubby, it's so cute.

Oh, and little baby Christy? She's now a child!
She also has Eric's unintentionally genetic blue streaks. Hrmm.
Christy is a grumpy, absent-minded virtuoso.

Lana and Mary seem to like dancing with Ryan's former partners, despite the age difference.
I don't think Christy approves... and my self-sim just seems to be having issues, I don't even know what her problem is.

Arthur was the first to grow up.
He's artistic, good and neurotic. He had a rough toddlerhood. :\

By the time Daniel's turn rolled around, everyone else had already left the party.

Daniel is an excitable genius and a heavy sleeper.

And then there was Miles. Miles is my problem child.
He's an artistic, couch potato, virtuoso.

Notice someone missing from the bus?

Yup, there's Miles, eating cake for breakfast.

He had no interactions for the bus, and when I went to the school, the other two boys were there and his options had "attend school" greyed out with the explanation, "school is not in session" ... WUT? Does Miles go to a special school? Should I be looking for Xavier's school for the gifted hidden somewhere in the hills of Riverview? Oh, goodness gracious me.
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