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Meadowshire: Coldplay: 3

We open with the Repo Man. Take this as a lesson, kids: even successful rock stars get visits from the Repo Man if they don't pay their bills.

Liz, who happened to be there when the lot loaded, is the only one that showed any reaction.

Oh wait, Chris looks a little upset.

Or VERY upset. I'd run away if I were you, Repo Man. Chris is known to get violent.

Meanwhile, Liz is showing Will how NOT to make friends.

Jonny started using the Buckland charm on her. Of course, it's working.

Will stands by to approve creepily.

Since Guy moved out, it seems the band's on hold for a little while. I made Chris find a job in the law track.


Shock and surprise! Jonny and Liz ended up in bed together.

Chris brought Sophie Eggleston home with him from work.

Liz? That striped thing was not a kitty in need of a scratch. Idiot.

.....What?! You guys aren't even FRIENDS.

Okay, this was my mistake. Jonny just wanted to admire Chris to get some aspiration points. I clicked the wrong thing. Not that I'm really complaining...

Jonny also had the want to woohoo with three different sims. I called up the matchmaker, but the date she gave Jonny wasn't going for..anything really. They couldn't even talk to each other without minuses all over the place.

Oh, what's that? Yeah, I MIGHT have bought Jonny a love potion.

Not EXACTLY what I intended to happen, but hey.

Will stands by to approve creepily.

Oh sad. He lost his job as a gamer.

They're still not friends, but I think they'll probably end up a lot more.

So they may both be blond, but they chose each other. Who am I to get in the way?

So with Chris's beloved piano as witness, he asked Sophie to marry him.

I threw a small wedding party. Wow guys. I didn't know pillow fights were customary after tying the knot.

I'm pretty amused that Jacqui was the first sim to make it to the alcohol.

Sophie's crying in the bathroom because her party sucked.

And then Chris lectured her for breaking the computer. I really hate that lecture reaction. It's so jerky.

Jonny finally got to woohoo with three sims. The mailman never stood a chance.

Chris and Sophie kind of can't keep their hands to themselves. Will stands by to approve creepily.
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