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Meadowshire: The Moseley Family: 3

Winifred starting pulling that crying/screaming thing the Ainsworth sisters are fond of, so I got her a job in the Adventure track to give her aspiration points. And to make her shut up.

Vance comes home from school in this very effeminate jacket.

Winifred got home from work and passed out. I almost left her there.

That night, Trenton snuck out. Here he is doing his sneaky walk and looking at me like I just caught him red handed. And I did.

Of course, he snuck out with Hayley.

A little while later, Trenton reappears in a police car. Now honestly, what are these teen sims doing that they keep getting arrested?

And in normal Trenton tradition, he emo'd about it for three days, I swear.

Kendra was starting to go into the red aspiration-wise, so I sent her on a date downtown.

With Jonny of course! For a Romance sim, she's pretty stuck on him.

Uh oh. There could be some serious drama here if Chris catches them doing anything. He's in love with her, too.

Oh, good thing Kaylynn Hodgson is here to distract him with conversation and bowling!

Looks like Kendra found another rock star she hasn't slept with yet. Better watch yourself, Alex.

Luckily, Jonny doesn't seem to care. He started talking to Sandy Bruty here. I guess anything with a pulse, huh Jonny?

This is just here to show how badly Kendra sucks at bowling. Mrs. Crumplebottom was two lanes over, pwning her.

It seems she found something she's better at.

Quite a bit better at.

LOL! Damn Jonny.

Once Kendra got back to the lot, Wren and Trenton came home from school. Wren brought Ray home with her. Augh.

He stood outside for a while smustling. Or making creepy faces, whichever you prefer.

Oh thank God, Wren. I was beginning to wonder if you were blind!

Good job, girl. He kept trying to flirt with her, but she pushed him away each time.

Meanwhile, Trenton's having nightmares and hating himself! Ah, emo sims.

Winifred's just racking up those promotions. At least there aren't that many when you get a job as an elder.

Trenton invited Hayley over to get some aspiration points loving.

And then Vance grew up. Oh that nose. :-\

Here he is, post makeover looking slightly better.

Unexpected penguin is unexpected! Funny enough, he actually walked sideways the entire time he was on the lot.

Vance brought this guy home from school and tried to put the moves on him. He wasn't having it.

And then he was! It's kind of cute, even if they're both ugly.

First kiss!

Then Trenton did something I have NEVER seen a sim do, ever.

I just stared, open-mouthed at him while he did this. It's pretty much disturbing and makes me wonder either what drugs he's taken or if he's lost his mind.

His birthday was coming up and he was hurting for some aspiration points, so I got him a hot tub. Kendra decides it's the perfect time to stare creepily at Trenton and Hayley.

They're kind of my OTP.

Adult!Trenton. That chin is really bad, but I gave him a little goatee and it looks much better. I just don't have a picture.

Adult!Wren. Who looks just like Teen!Wren.

Winifred does not approve of birthdays.

Wren, post makeover. She looks much more adult and quite pretty!

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